Cozy Candles for Self-Care Junkies

I’ll be honest with you: writing about chronic illness and mental health recovery is tough. Recovery is hard enough on its own, but being frank about my journey? Some days, it takes even more out of me than my own recovery.

For years, I identified as a lifestyle blogger. Depression and chronic illness robbed me of that identity, rendering me too tired and too sick to work. My first professional blog, Haley Marie Blog, closed its doors in 2018. But, now that I’m back in the blogging game, I’m using my talents to raise awareness for chronic illness and mental health.

Yet, given that blogging is a form of self-care to me, and that topics in chronic illness and mental health are so heavy, I think we all deserve to take a break sometimes. So, let’s go the self-care route by talking about one of my favorite things on earth: candles!

I’ve been obsessed with scents for the past couple of years now. Before college, I rarely wore perfume, beyond my signature Bath & Body Works scent. Nowadays, I’m always trying new scents, buying new candles and plugging new air fresheners into my Wallflower. You can take the girl out of Bath & Body Works, but….oh, who am I kidding? You can never stop me from buying my Bath & Body Works!

Scents are a form of self-care in my life. To me, there’s nothing cozier than lighting a candle and snuggling up in a blanket with a cup of coffee. In the summertime, full of 90-degree weather, coziness might be the last thing on our minds – but coziness isn’t a function of the weather. It’s a feeling. And candles help us capture that, no matter the season.

Below, I share some of the coziest candles I’m craving this season, including both natural and conventional options for every kind of self-care junkie. Look for the green leaf logo to signify a natural, non-toxic option! (For candles, this means a soy or beeswax base, natural fragrance and lead-free wicks.)

Inner Strength Candle

$61, Aromatherapy Associates

Cozy doesn’t have to mean vulnerable: our coziest moments can also be some of our most potent moments of inner strength. Rest and recharge with the natural essential oils in the Inner Strength Candle by Aromatherapy Associates.

Cactus Blossom Single-Wick Candle

$15, White Barn

As I said before: you can take the girl out of Bath and Body Works….

White Barn is Bath and Body Works’s home fragrance umbrella. Its new scent, Cactus Blossom, currently fills our living room with the warm, floral aroma of cactus flower and coconut. The candle is made with soy wax and essential oils, so it’s halfway to natural, too!

Tranquil Two-Wick Candle

$27, Levitate Candles

Burn Levitate’s lavender and currant-scented candle, with base notes of chamomile and Ylang Ylang, to bring a little more tranquility into your life. This candle ticks two of the natural boxes as well, as it’s made from soy wax and scented with natural fragrance and essential oils.

Christmas Cookie Classic Jar Candle

$30, Yankee Candle

The classic Christmas Cookie scent from Yankee Candle never fails to bring me back to my childhood on the East Coast. To me, there’s nothing cozier than this candle burning while we unwrapped presents by the tree.

Candle No. 1 by Follain

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$38, Follain

Follain’s all-natural candles are non-toxic, hand-poured and made from a base of coconut and soy. Its notes of lavender, bergamot, sandalwood and vanilla will wrap you up in a warm hug of delightful smells!

Pure Calm Wellness Candle

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$68, goop

UMA’s Pure Calm Wellness Candle utilizes Ayurvedic essential oils grown on a centuries-old family farm to envelop you in a feeling of peace and calm. Light this candle and set an intention for a daily wellness ritual that’s full of pure bliss.

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