Lazy Makeup Must-Haves

Confession: I come to work bare-faced, in sweatpants, nearly every day. Quite frankly, I’m not a morning person — so I roll out of bed and put on my leggings, then change and apply makeup when I get to work.

As a result, I’ve become a master of the lazy makeup routine. For those of us with chronic illness or depression, who frequently have days when they just don’t feel like doing anything (let alone swiping on eyeshadow), the lazy makeup routine comes in clutch when you need to look nice, but want to put in minimum effort.

In college, I rarely cared how I looked for class. Unless I was giving a presentation, I typically showed up in my athleisure wear, comfy yet ready to learn. Now that I’m a grown-ass adult, though, I want to be perceived professionally at my job. I hate that I feel obliged to wear makeup to do that — but dark purple eye bags tend to distract from whatever incredible idea you’re sharing, eliciting the classic surge of “Are you okay?” comments and judgmental glances.

As a woman in the workforce, I’ve accepted that I can no longer spend my day chilling in my college sweatshirt and aerie leggings. That might fly in Silicon Valley, or if you’re a freelancer working from home — but for most of us, professional office attire (or at least business casual) is a daily must.

Thus, the lazy makeup routine is something I recommend every woman keep in her pocket — to compliment the business-casual dresses in her closet, of course. Because seriously: dresses are the next best thing to sweatpants. Not only do you not have to wear pants at all with a dress on, but a dress is also one piece you can throw on in the morning — yet when you wear one, everyone perceives you as “dressed up.” Genius!

Below, I’ll share some of my favorite products for a lazy makeup routine consisting of five simple steps. As always, keep an eye out for the green leaf symbol, indicating a non-toxic, natural option that’s perfect for the natural, organic beauty junkies out there, for anyone with sensitive skin or for those of you who are simply ‘Just Curious’ about clean beauty.

Coola Mineral Face Tint Moisturizer

$38, Coola

With clean ingredients, SPF 30 and a light tint that looks good on a range of skin tones, what’s not to love? This facial sunscreen and moisturizer will give you the perfect base for a full face of lazy girl makeup.

BAREPRO 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer

$24, bareMinerals

When you’re going light on the foundation like I do, you need a heavy-duty concealer that won’t skimp on coverage. The BAREPRO Full Coverage Concealer by bareMinerals offers the thicc-with-two-Cs coverage I need to cover insomnia-induced dark circles and stress-induced breakouts.

W3LL PEOPLE Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick

$24, Thrive Market

When I think of a lazy girl makeup product, nothing speaks to me more than W3LL PEOPLE’s Multi-Use Cream Stick. Just the word “Multi-Use” alone makes me want to throw my money at this cream stick over and over again. Use it as a blush! Use it as a lipstick! Use it on eyes! The possibilities are endless — all in a single $24 tube.

Glossier Boy Brow

$16, Glossier

Ah, Glossier’s Boy Brow: one of the very few cult makeup products that actually deserves its crown. Boy Brow is a tinted (or clear) gel that adds just enough color and definition to brows, without the time suck it takes to fill in brows with a pencil or powder. In other words, it’s the ultimate lazy girl staple — perfect for when you want Lilly Collins’ brows yet none of the work involved in maintaining them.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

$24, Sephora

This has been my go-to mascara since high school — and as they say, why mess with perfection? Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara pulls together any lazy girl makeup look in a flash. Something about a face of makeup never feels complete without swiping my lashes with a coat or two of this luscious stuff.

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