My Favorite ED Recovery Accounts

I may have been a blogger first, but Lovely & Lazy was born on Instagram. As a professional social media manager, I have always loved the sense of community on Instagram — and nowhere exemplifies that more than the eating disorder recovery community.

In Fall 2018, I launched The Cozy Counselor on Instagram (@cozycounselor). I quickly grew a following for my candid accounts of my struggle with mental illness. I responded to private DMs and commented encouraging words on others’ recovery posts….and soon after, I found that others were doing the same for me!

I rebranded The Cozy Counselor as Lovely & Lazy for two reasons. Firstly, I was no longer attending graduate school right after college due to career and financial considerations. It felt wrong to brand myself as a “counselor,” or even a counselor-in-training, when my future path felt so uncertain.

Secondly, and most importantly, I needed a fresh start. The name “Cozy Counselor” didn’t reflect the community I’d grown around me. I didn’t want to seem like an authority figure talking down to people from my high horse – I wanted them to know that I wasn’t done recovering yet; that I could find loveliness in the laziness that’s inherent in struggling with mental and chronic illness.

Admittedly, some of my favorite ED recovery accounts are people I’ve connected with and gotten to know personally. But, I don’t think that makes me biased. I think their ability to connect with others in the community is what makes them such a great resource for others who are recovering!

Wait, though: isn’t social media a trigger for eating disorders? Of course it is! If you’re currently overcoming an eating disorder, it’s important – nay, essential to unsubscribe, unlike and unfollow any online accounts that perpetuate diet culture and promote fitness or weight loss. Even the “wellness” community can be triggering sometimes – I know, because I work in it!

But, if you’re in ED recovery and need someone to look to for guidance, creating a recovery account can be uplifting and utterly inspiring. Posting your daily meals allows for accountability, while connecting with others in the community provides motivation. You might even find that it makes you happier meeting others who are in the same boat!

Not sure where to start? If you’re recovering from an eating disorder and need to detox from diet culture, start there: unfollow all those fitness influencers (I’m looking at you, Kayla Itsines) and wellness gurus who you’ve been looking to for advice. Then, create your recovery profile – and follow the accounts below to jump-start your journey into the Instagram recovery community!

….and while you’re at it, don’t forget to follow me at @lovelyandlazy 😉


Hi, Kara! Kara is someone I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with personally on Instagram – but she’s also a person I think everyone in the eating disorder recovery community should be aware of.

Kara bravely shares her mental health story on Instagram and YouTube. But, even more bravely, she’s also dedicated to raising awareness of mental illness in the Asian community! Her second account, @asianmentalhealth, is currently growing a following as she spreads the word about mental illness as a proud Asian woman.


Emily is only a first-year university student, but has almost 6,000 followers strong in her little corner of the ED recovery community! She posts pictures of her meals on the reg, including frequent #fearfood challenges.

Seeing Emily conquer foods like French fries, pancakes and white bread has inspired me in my personal recovery to take on more fear food challenges. I sincerely hope that following her will encourage you to do the same!


Jessica ‘grams about (and makes videos about) body acceptance and eating disorder recovery. I love her content because it mirrors my own recovery journey in many ways.

Like me, Jessica used to be obsessed with fitness and so-called “health.” Now, she posts pictures of cake and cookies while sharing her raw, honest feelings about recovery. Yas, girl!


Healthy Rabbit Habit is a fully vegan eating disorder recovery account with beautiful snaps of delicious food. Back when I was The Cozy Counselor, I shared my thoughts on my own journey to veganism in ED recovery.

I believe recovery is possible while vegan. I also believe that being vegan wasn’t the right choice for me. Still, I included Healthy Rabbit Habit in this roundup because I love that it shows how a vegan recovery is not only possible, but also realistic!


Larisa gives us a window into her life as an inpatient recovering from an eating disorder. Not only can I promise TONS of avocado toast ahead, but I also can attest to how inspiring Larisa’s story is.

Larisa suffers from anxiety, depression and PTSD in addition to anorexia. She is fighting so hard and just watching her fight makes me want to fight harder myself! Larisa exemplifies what’s so beautiful about the ED recovery community: we’re all battling on the same side against the same enemy. (That’s diet culture, of course!)


MEN GET EATING DISORDERS, TOO! That’s what Josh reminds us, so inspiringly, with his recovery account. He’s a 19-year-old, anti-diet student who, like me, is in recovery from EDs and anxiety.

Josh mixes a balanced recovery lifestyle of eating whole foods and going to the gym – in a totally non-obsessive way – with epic #fearfood challenges (like a big, delicious blue raspberry slushie!).


Last but not least, meet Lia! She’s been in recovery from orthorexia and atypical anorexia (like me!) for over a year now.

One reason why I love Lia’s ED recovery account is that she shows both sides of recovery. On the one hand, she shows epic fear food challenges like mini pizza bagels and fried chicken. But on the other, she also shows the balanced, everyday choices we all need to make for our health. And I just love that.

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