Self-Care for Your Star Sign

Cancer season’s long gone, yet as we enter Virgo, I can’t help but think about how aptly my star sign fits my personality. As a homebody, the mom friend and a sensitive soul, I’m your classic Cancer. And as a Cancer, one of my favorite things to do is snuggle up and indulge in a little bit of self-care!

No matter your opinion on astrology, we can all agree that self-care looks different for different people and personalities. Our star signs are just one way to describe (not define) those little differences that make us unique! Astrology highlights what makes us different, turning our little quirks into our greatest strengths.

Naturally, every star sign rests and recharges in its own special way. Whether you’re a creative Pisces or a competitive Aries, these self-care tips play to your horoscope’s unique strengths — so you can return to the things you love feeling refreshed and ready to take on the universe in true astrological fashion.


Virgo’s exacting, ambitious nature makes them the perfect candidate to take on bullet journaling. Their attention to detail will help them thrive off logging every meal and hour slept in a meticulous bujo spread.


Symbolized by balance, Libra thrives best when in spiritual harmony with their physical environment. That’s why cleaning helps Libra reset the scales and connect to the material realm around them.


Scorpio’s psychic, intuitive nature draws it to explore the occult. Drawing an oracle card each morning may help Scorpio center themself before kicking off a busy day.


If you’re a Sag, you’re probably on an endless quest for answers. In your search for knowledge, pick up a crossword puzzle to unwind at the end of a stressful evening.


Represented by a water goat (which is, yes, exactly what it sounds like), Capricorn thrives on hard work. Return to your aquatic roots by swimming laps at your local pool. That classic Capricorn determination will see you through!


Considered the humanitarian sign of the zodiac, Aquarius loves to give back. Volunteering helps Aquarius get grounded and put their life back into perspective.


Pisces finds joy in their creative endeavors — and especially in playing music. Whether you’re a singer, guitarist or music aficionado, reconnecting with your sense of sound will give you the TLC you clearly deserve.


Competitive Aries loves to win. An independent sport like running gives Aries an outlet for their competitive drive, so it doesn’t become a force for negativity in their life.


As a tactile sign, Taurus derives pleasure from its sense of touch. Taking a bubble bath with luscious soaps and lotions will ignite your fifth sense. Fill up the tub, lean back and enjoy the good life, Taurus!


The social butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini thrives off the energy of a crowd. Hanging out with a friend and talking their ear off might seem trivial, but it’s what keeps Gemini’s head attached on hectic days!


Highly-sensitive Cancer loves to stay at home and enjoy all things cozy. Curling up with a good book — perhaps with a fuzzy blanket and mug of piping hot coffee or tea — inspires Cancer to keep going.


As the diva of the zodiac, Leo thrives on the finer things in life — especially haute couture. Upgrading their physical appearance is the perfect act of self-care for Leo, who needs the spotlight to live.

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