Girlboss Products to Help You Get Organized

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For me, getting organized has never been the issue. My greatest challenge has always been STAYING organized once I get there!

Thanks to a lifelong love of stationery (we’re talking gel pens, planner stickers and everything in-between), I’ve never lacked the equipment I needed to get organized. Usually, it’s a slow descent into madness, always preceded by stress — whether that’s stress at work, at home or in my relationships with others.

However, now that I’m a small business owner, it’s more important than ever for me to keep my shit together. After all, I don’t want to miss a client meeting because I forgot to put it in my calendar — or lose a big dollar contract because I misplaced it on my messy-ass desk! (Thankfully, none of these things have ever happened to me….though they have come painfully close.)

Like many of you, there’s one thing that never fails to get me excited about getting organized again — and that’s, you guessed it, my obsession with stationery! Planners, pens, post-it notes….I’m in love with it all.

So, today, I’m sharing some of my favorite picks with you, plus my tips for how to use them to your maximum advantage while getting organized. #Let’sDoThis

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Feel Your Best Workbook is getting into the mental health and wellness space, and I am HERE. FOR. IT. I have always loved for its quirky, cute stickers and desk accessories — especially since many of them come in my signature shade of pink. Click here to shop, its stationery and the Feel Your Best wellness workbook. | $18,

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Everyday Writing Pads

I love a good legal pad for jotting down notes during a client call or making one of my infamous, bottomless to-do lists. Better yet, these ones from Rifle Paper Co. come with pale pink accents and perforated sheets, blending functionality with #aesthetics. They also fit perfectly into the brand’s clipfolios, which are great for looking classy during in-person meetings — or making a good first impression at that job interview! | $12, Rifle Paper Co.

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Monogrammed Stationery

Nothing says “class act” like monogrammed stationery — especially when it’s as cute as this set from Sugar Paper! I first discovered Sugar Paper through its collaboration with Target (or as the classy folk say, “Tar-jay”), but quickly discovered that the rest of its line was just as cute, if not quite as affordable. Still, I firmly believe that a handwritten thank you note can make the difference between landing that job/client/you name it and losing it to someone else — so, it never hurts to have all-purpose stationery on hand for scribbling out a quick message to a friend, colleague or mentor. | $32, Sugar Paper

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Rainbow Sticker Collection

If you aren’t onto Mochithings yet, then girl, are you about to become addicted! These rainbow stickers come in versatile pastels that are perfect for color-coding. Personally, I like to color code events in my planner, like an old-fashioned version of Google Calendar: assign one color to work events, one color to doctor’s appointments, one color to friend dates and so on…. until you run out of colors or stickers — whichever comes first! (Though, with this sticker set on hand, it will likely be colors.) | $5, Mochithings

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Blush Super Stacked

Poppin makes simple, modern desk accessories perfect for girlbosses. Plus, they sell wholesale to employers — meaning you can force all your employees to decorate their desks in pink if you feel like it. (I mean, that’s why people start their own businesses isn’t it? It’s why I did!) I kid, of course — but not about how cute this desk organization set is. You’ve got a cup for your pens, a two-tier letter tray for important incoming documents and a desk drawer organizer for putting order to the chaos that is your top drawer. What more could a girlboss possibly ask for? (Besides more coffee, of course.) | $70, Poppin

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