The Ultimate Gift Guide for Chronic Illness Warriors

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As much as I love Thanksgiving, I look forward to December every year because of my annual holiday gift guide posts.

On my old blog, I’ve written gift guides for guys, gals, eating disorder patients and more. This year, however, I decided to do something a little bit different, and hone in on gifts chosen especially for chronic illness warriors.

More than 40 percent of the U.S. population suffers from some type of chronic illness — meaning you’re likely to be shopping for at least one chronic illness warrior this holiday season!

A chronic illness warrior is what I like to call those of us suffering from a chronic health condition. IMHO, it’s a much better word than “patient” or “sufferer” because instead of victimizing us, it recognizes us for the bad-ass motherf**kers we are, and the daily fight we wage in the war on our bodies.

When someone is suffering from a devastating health condition, it’s difficult to know what you can do to support them. This year, take the simple action of supporting your favorite chronic illness warrior with a holiday gift designed to help in their journey toward better health.

Here are some of my favorites:

Sephora Favorites Wellness Kit

As someone with chronic illness, it’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements that might work — or that might not. This Wellness Kit from Sephora allows your loved one to sample seven top supplements for boosting immunity, digestion and inner beauty, all for just $39.

Image result for sephora favorites wellness kit

BKR Warm & Cozy Trio

Nothing is more important than hydration, especially when it comes to controlling chronic illness symptoms. This trio of warm and cozy water bottles from BKR — my favorite brand of high-quality glass water bottles — even arrives in a branded gift box, ready to give to your loved one, for $114. Strength Necklace

Give two gifts in one with this mantra necklace:’s new Good Intentions Jewelry Collection supports Girls, Inc., a nonprofit helping girls grow up healthy and educated. Suffering from a chronic illness takes strength, and this $38 necklace will only serve to remind them of that every time they wear it.

Image result for bando strength necklace

Smoko Toasty Heatable Plushie

Because who doesn’t want to cuddle with a Corgi — especially when that Corgi is warm and comforting for cramps, belly aches and all the symptoms of chronic illness? Throw this $30 Corgi in the microwave and your loved one will be on their way to feeling better in no time.

Related image

Anthropologie Mindfulness Cards

Give the gift of calm, awareness and meditative bliss with these Mindfulness Cards from Anthropologie. This $17 card deck promotes mindfulness, a skill useful for managing pain associated with chronic illness.

Image result for anthropologie mindfulness cards

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