Five Endometriosis Hacks You Haven’t Thought Of

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One of the reasons why chronic illness is so frustrating? Sometimes, it feels like we’ve exhausted every possible option. And trust me, after the 10th fruitless specialist visit, I get how it can feel that way.

Thankfully, something I’ve learned from my own struggles with chronic illness is that you’re never out of options — you simply need to know where to look. And now, I’ve done the deep digging on endometriosis so you don’t have to!

We all know the obvious tips for managing endometriosis at home: heating pads, NSAIDs and hormonal birth control all come to mind. But what about those less obvious tips you may not have thought of? That’s what this post is all about!

Electromagnetic Pulses

Although it might sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, electromagnetic pulses can help cure pelvic pain and period cramps! Livia is a scientifically-proven wearable device for controlling period pain. The Livia device attaches to the pelvis with gel pads and can be comfortably worn on the go. It works by stimulating the nerves with unique pulses that prevent the nerves from transmitting pain signals to the brain.

Kegel Exercises

In some cases, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction can result from endometriosis, worsening symptoms (particularly pain during sex). Thankfully, you can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles like any other muscle: with exercise! You can purchase relatively inexpensive kegel weights to aid in building pelvic floor muscle tone. Insert the weights into the vagina and tighten the muscles used to stop peeing mid-stream. Release and repeat for 15 minutes until it no longer feels challenging.

The Ohnut

Does sex hurt thanks to your endometriosis — especially with deep penetration? Meet the Ohnut, which was designed especially for women like you! This soft, flexible ring helps women comfortably explore different depths of penetration. Simply adjust the size of the Ohnut before inserting it to choose the depth that’s most comfortable for you and your partner.

Use my promo code LOVELYLAZY7 for $7 off your Ohnut! Click here to check it out.

Pelvic Massage

A 2010 study found that massaging the pelvis is helpful in reducing menstrual pain associated with endometriosis. Other studies have also found that women who receive regular massages have less pelvic pain associated with their menstrual periods. Manual therapy or pelvic floor physical therapy often includes therapeutic massages to reduce pain associated with endometriosis and adhesions.


Since so much of the pain experience is mental, it makes sense that psychotherapy can help with the management of endometriosis. Seeing a therapist can also help you cope with your diagnosis and any challenging emotions you may be experiencing as a result. It’s worth nothing that therapy that includes something called somatosensory stimulation (a.k.a. pressing different acupuncture points during the appointments) was more effective than ordinary psychotherapy when treating endometriosis patients.

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