What's in My Endo Survival Kit?

My (figurative) endo survival kit is a collection of resources and tools that has helped me through the hardest times with suspected endometriosis. Today, I’m here to share what ride-or-die items I couldn’t live without when I’m really struggling with my endo.

To those who have been suffering with endo for years, these items might seem obvious. However, when I first started my endo journey, this was the advice I wish someone had given me!

So, for all the newbies in the endometriosis crowd: this one’s for you. Here’s what you should stock up on now that you’ve got a suspected or definitive diagnosis of endo….

Midol, for when the PMS hits hard and you’re incapacitated by cramps and bloating. It isn’t as strong as, say, Aleve — but its combo of diuretics and acetaminophen still packs a punch.

Summer’s Eve Simply Coconut Wipes, for those heavy flow days when you feel absolutely icky “down there.” These pH balanced wipes cleanse and soothe skin without toxic or harsh ingredients.

Hooty and Friends Heating Pad, for everything from incapacitating cramps to mid-cycle pain. Not only is this heating pad super cute (and owl-shaped!), but it’s also lavender-scented for a double-dose of heat and aromatherapy.

L. Pads in Super, for obvious reasons. These pads are bleach- and chlorine-free — plus, they benefit women in third world countries — making them a safe choice for your vaginal flora.

Vitamin E Oil, for soothing irritation due to concurrent vulvodynia. Amy Stein, author of Heal Pelvic Pain, recommends applying 100% vitamin E oil topically twice per day.

Anthropologie Travel Yoga Mat, for completing pelvic floor physical therapy exercises on the go. You won’t always find yourself somewhere convenient when it’s time for PT — and this mat folds neatly into a bag so you never have to go without!

Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein, for soothing pelvic pain with physical therapy exercises you can do at home. This book is the bible of treating pelvic pain with pelvic floor PT — and it provides follow-along instructions for exercises you can complete on your own.

Yogi Woman’s Raspberry Leaf Tea, for regulating the menstrual cycle naturally. It’s thought that raspberry leaf is a powerful herb for reducing the severity of menstrual cramps. Whether or not it “really works,” I don’t know — but I do know that my cycle has become more bearable since I started drinking it!

Bath and Body Works Lavender Aromatherapy Oil, for taking a calming scented bath to soothe tired, crampy muscles. At the end of a long day of dredging through pelvic pain and work problems, nothing feels better than a couple of drops of this and a long soak in the tub.

BKR Water Bottle, for drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water per day, every day, to ward off bladder symptoms associated with endo — and generally promote good health! I’m bad about drinking water, but my BKR bottle is so pretty (and free of yucky plastics) that it makes it hard not to want to drink more.

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