Taking Care of “Down There:” My Favorite Vaginal Health Products

After years of struggling with chronic yeast infections, vaginal dryness due to birth control and vulvodynia, I’ve tried nearly every vaginal health product under the sun.

From this experience, I can confidently say that not all vaginal health products are created equal. The marketing slogan “gynecologist-recommended” doesn’t mean that you can trust them to be safe for the sensitive skin “down there.”

When you have endometriosis like I do, it’s also important to be conscious of what products go onto your skin — and your mucous membranes, like the vulva, are some of the thinnest, most absorbent skin on your body. In other words, the products you use on your vagina have a direct line to your bloodstream, making it especially important to choose organic, natural, safe products for your vaginal health.

These tried-and-true vaginal health products are some of my favorites for soothing vaginal irritation and dryness, as well as managing menstrual health conditions like endo.

Check out my picks for the best vaginal health products out there — and make sure to share this post on social media if you found it at all helpful!

Vmagic Feminine Lips Stick

If you suffer from vulvodynia, you may have heard to use vitamin E or another oil to soothe the skin “down there.” But once you’ve tried that, you quickly realize that it gets messy, often with more of the oils on the floor or your hand than on your vulva.

Vmagic’s Feminine Lips Stick solves this problem by providing moisture and protection in a convenient stick. Similar to a lip balm tube, the soothing honey and oil formula can be applied to the vulva easily and without irritation. There is a light honey scent due to the ingredients, but no added fragrances or perfumes — and the smell and taste are pretty unobtrusive.

I’ve personally used Vmagic’s Feminine Lips Stick and can attest to its power. Previously, I was using vitamin E oil from Trader Joe’s to soothe my sensitive skin, but now that I’ve converted to Vmagic, I’m never going back! It’s so much cleaner, more convenient and more portable than any vulvar moisturizer I’ve used.

Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer

Vmagic has you covered when it comes to your vulva, a.k.a. the external portion of your vagina. But what about the inner part, the vaginal canal? Many women suffer from vaginal dryness, whether due to menopause, oral contraceptives or stress, which can make everyday life, not to mention sexual activity, painfully impossible.

Replens is a long-lasting vaginal moisturizer that gynecologists everywhere swear by. It is FDA-approved, lasts up to three days and does not contain hormones or fragrance, so it will not mess with your delicate biochemistry. The formula is designed to mimic your body’s natural moisture — and I promise, after you apply Replens, you will hardly notice it’s there at all. It’s also affordable, costing about $12 for 14 applications. (If you apply Replens every three days, that’s a little over a month’s worth.)

Throughout my years on the pill, I suffered from painful vaginal dryness and recurrent yeast infections that took me from gynecologist to gynecologist. As a result, I’ve developed vulvodynia from the vaginal trauma. I hate to think that the answer could have been as simple as a vaginal moisturizer, but no one ever told me that Replens was an option before! Now that I’m on progesterone again to suppress my endometriosis symptoms, I happily use Replens every three days to restore my vaginal moisture to normal again after the hormones mess with my body’s natural balance.

Slippery Stuff Personal Lubricant

Do you suffer from allergic reactions or sensitivities to drugstore-brand lubricants — i.e. K.Y. Jelly and the like? I feel ya, sister: I’m so sensitive down there, even ultra-sensitive formulas of some lubes sting against my irritated skin. And because everyone knows that wetter is better, having a bad experience with lubricant can really pump the brakes on a happy, healthy sexual experience with a partner.

Enter Slippery Stuff. I happened upon Slippery Stuff from a Youtuber’s recommendation during my quest to find a female-friendly lubricant. Formulas containing aloe tend to irritate my skin, which rules out a lot of the “natural” options like Sustain or Good Clean Love (both of which I’ve tried and found flare up my vulvodynia). Thankfully, I found Slippery Stuff, which is glycerin- and paraben-free: two sources of irritation for many women that are found in typical personal lubricants.

Since it was originally developed for use in the medical community, Slippery Stuff’s gel formula is ultra gentle. You also don’t need a lot to feel the hydrating effects. I have very few criticisms of this product, but one I do have is that it can linger for awhile after use and feel a bit sticky. However, it’s water-based, so it washes off with a simple shower or wipe-down…. more on that in the next section.

Rael Natural Feminine Wipes

Like many women, I used to use drugstore wipes formulated for “sensitive skin” to clean up on my period and after sex. Then, I was diagnosed with suspected endometriosis and found out the importance of eliminating chemicals from your everyday life. My vaginal wipes were one of the last things I replaced, since I was so fond of my usual brand; however, I’d been hoping to try Rael for awhile, and I’m so glad I finally did!

Rael’s natural feminine wipes are not too wet, unlike some other products, so they won’t leave you sticky or uncomfortable, nor will they irritate your skin. They’re fragrance-free with soothing extracts that make these wipes both cleansing and nourishing. The package is portable, so you can carry a pack in your purse for those days when your period hits unexpectedly — not to mention, they’re affordable for a product branded “natural,” at just $4 a pack.

I’ve seen Rael at my local CVS and my local Target — but when in doubt, don’t forget that there’s always Amazon! I buy mine on Amazon because you can get a two-pack for $6, and I’m a sucker for a good deal. But you do you, boo. I won’t judge!

Love Wellness UTI Don’t Think So

Full disclosure: I haven’t tried this specific brand of cranberry pills. However, I’m a huge fan of Love Wellness and wanted to include their products (which I plan to write a review of very soon!) in this post. I’ve used many generic cranberry pills, but they weren’t nearly as sophisticated as Love Wellness’s UTI Don’t Think So — nor did they have the phenomenally clever name.

Studies show that over the course of a year, consuming cranberry as a supplement can reduce the incidence of UTIs by 35 percent. That’s a big deal for those of us who get recurrent infections, so cranberry should definitely be on your radar if you’ve ever had a UTI. But, it’s important to note that drinking cranberry juice doesn’t work the same way. It’s not concentrated enough to have the same effect — and it contains lots of sugar that adds up over time.

That’s why cranberry pills are such a magical modern invention. I chose to feature Love Wellness’s formula because they’re doing incredible things right now in the women’s health and sexual wellness spaces, and their products are made with high-quality ingredients you can trust. If I had the choice between Love Wellness and my local drugstore brand, I would choose Love Wellness every time. And they’re pretty much the same price, too!

L. Organic Cotton Panty Liners

I’ve raved (and raved….and raved….) about L.’s products in the past. Back when I used to get my period (LOL), I swore by their super pads for managing my monthly flow. Now, however, it’s all spotting thanks to the hormones I take for my endometriosis. Thankfully, L.’s organic cotton panty liners have got my back on days when spotting catches me by surprise.

L.’s organic cotton panty liners won’t irritate your sensitive skin, because they’re made from just that: organic cotton, and nothing else. That means no chlorine, no bleach and no hidden chemicals — which, sadly, you might find in traditional period products, since the FDA doesn’t regulate the ingredients in pads and tampons.

It’s important to use 100-percent cotton for other reasons, too. If you’re prone to bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections, synthetic materials can trap moisture that allows bacteria and yeast to breed. In fact, switching to all-cotton period products (and panties) is one of the things that helped me conquer chronic yeast infections, and one of the things that led me to L.!

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