Reviewing Aesthetic Stationery Trends

What’s your stationery aesthetic? Whether you were originally hooked on stationery by studyblr or by bullet journal Instagram,.you have probably heard the names of some stationery items repeated over and over again.

Brands like Zebra, Stabilo, and Kokuyo are favorites in the aesthetic stationery community for a reason, yet they often come with a high price tag. So, is it worth spending money on these aesthetic stationery finds?

I’m a big believer in quality, not popularity, when it comes to stationery. In this post, I review some of the most popular stationery products in the aesthetic bujo and studyblr/studygram communities online to give you the real scoop on what these items are like.

Zebra Mildliners

15ct Dual-tip Creative Marker - Zebra Mildliner : Target

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pros: Zebra Mildliners are dual-ended pens that come with a thick end (like a traditional highlighter) and a thin end (like a thick felt-tip marker). This makes them easy to use for multiple purposes, such as highlighting and coloring in doodles or drawings.

Cons: While the markers are highly pigmented, they occasionally bleed through the page. Certain colors, like pink and yellow, are more fluorescent than subdued or “mild.” They may smudge or pick up black spots from pen.

Worth it? Yes. Despite their shortcomings, Zebra Mildliners are a must-have in your stationery toolkit.

Stabilo Boss Highlighters Stabilo BOSS Original Highlighter, Pastels - 6-color Set:  Office Products

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pros: The Stabilo Boss Highlighters are richly colored and do not pick up black smudges from pen the way that Zebra Mildliners do. Their colors are more truly pastel and less fluorescent. They rarely bleed through.

Cons: The Stabilo Boss Highlighters are traditional single-ended highlighters, so there is no felt-tip end to use as a marker for coloring.

Worth it? Yes. Don’t pass over the Stabilo Boss Highlighters during your next stationery haul.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Dual Brush Pen Art Markers 10-Pack | Pastel | Brush Markers | Tombow

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pros: These dual-ended markers have a brush end for hand-lettering and a fineliner end for drawing or coloring. This makes them an incredibly versatile pen that comes in a rainbow of colors.

Cons: The fine-tipped end runs out of ink quicker than the brush end. They are on the pricier side compared to other, similar pens you can buy at your favorite stationery store.

Worth it? Yes. The Tombow Dual Brush Pens changed the way I bullet journal for the better.

Kokuyo Gloo Stick

Kokuyo Gloo Glue Stick - Disappearing Blue - Large | JetPens

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Pros: The Kokuyo Gloo Stick is tackier than other glue sticks, meaning that once you stick something down…it’s going to stay there. Unlike Elmer’s, it doesn’t leave a colored residue (even though the stick is blue) on the page.

Cons: The Kokuyo Gloo Stick has a medicinal smell I can only describe as smelling like hospital hand soap. (If you have spent a lot of time at the doctor’s office, then you know what I’m talking about.) The flat, square end of the Gloo Stick is actually kind of difficult to spread onto the page.

Worth it? No. For $4, I would stick to Elmer’s Craft Bond, which comes in a multi-pack, is tackier than regular glue, and will last you longer.

Kokuyo Stapleless Stapler

Kokuyo Japan Harinacs Stapleless Stapler Compact alpha (up to 5 papers)

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Pros: The Kokuyo Stapleless Stapler is small and compact, great for taking with you on the go. Because it doesn’t require staples, you never need to worry about running out or wasting them.

Cons: The paper tab that’s created by the stapler holds, but it doesn’t look very neat, meaning it wouldn’t be appropriate for passing in assignments. It also only staples up to five pages at a time, which isn’t very many.

Worth it? No. If you are a student who needs to staple thick papers in a neat fashion, I would stick to an ordinary stapler.

Pilot FriXion Ball Pen

Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Design Series Block Check Gel Pen - 0.5 mm - Black  Ink - Soft Blue Body | JetPens

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Pros: The selling point of the Pilot FriXion Ball Pen is that it is erasable with friction. The “eraser” on the end won’t run out like a normal one. They are also very pretty pens that come in a variety of pastel colors.

Cons: The ink used in these pens can smudge or disappear at very high temperatures, meaning you need to be careful using these for important documents. The pens do sometimes skip while writing and the ink doesn’t go on smoothly, though it does erase well. Even though it erases completely, you can still see the outline of what you’ve written on the paper — if you write with a lot of pressure like I do.

Worth it? Yes, under certain circumstances. I think if you are a student and enjoy writing in pen, this is worth it for taking class notes, since using correction fluid can take up way too much time and make you fall behind on lecture notes. Because they erase, they’re good for rough-draft or quickly written notes. But for everyday or legal uses, this is not the pen for you.

Sakura Pigma Micron Pens

Sakura Pigma Micron pen ink marker felt tip pen, Archival pigment ink pens,  line-width fine

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pros: The Sakura Pigma Micron Pens have an extremely fine felt tip, which can be difficult to find in a pen. Unlike other fineliners, however, the tip is still pointed like that of a ballpoint pen. They are comfortable to write with and great for using in your bullet journal.

Cons: These pens occasionally skip. The felt tip is extremely fine, which can make it difficult to write with control if you do not have practice using them.

Worth it? Yes. If you keep a bullet journal, the Sakura Pigma Micron Pens are definitely worth the investment.

Where to Buy Cute Stationery on Etsy

This week, we celebrated Small Business Saturday — and tomorrow, we will celebrate Cyber Monday. You may have already seen my blog post dedicated to the most kawaii Black Friday deals of 2020. However, today I wanted to do something different by celebrating the hardworking independent artists of Etsy in the next installment of my stationery series (you can check out the first two posts here and here).

For a little bit of backstory, I have always been obsessed with kawaii stationery you can buy in Japan, yet I didn’t see how this related to my journey toward healing. I used to write a side blog dedicated to my love for books and stationery, but quickly became overwhelmed by managing two online platforms at once. It wasn’t until I changed my name to Heal with Haley that I recognized all the unique things that have become part of my healing journey.

Stationery is a way of expressing my creativity, and creativity has been incredibly healing for me — both on and off of this blog. Thus, I am no longer hesitant to express other sides of myself on this blog. Being chronically ill does not mean I am not allowed to have other interests, and having a niche does not mean I am not allowed to present my unique self and all of its facets on this blog.

As a small business owner myself, I am incredibly empathetic to what the community is going through during COVID-19. Finances are tight for many of us, which means that lots of people are spending less than they otherwise would supporting small business owners. Unfortunately for us, this means that many of us are working harder than ever to make ends meet and having to come up with new and creative ways to help our business survive the pandemic.

Hence, when it comes to my stationery obsession, I’ve made a conscious decision to buy less from Aliexpress and other large chains, and more from independent artists and small business owners on Etsy. At first, I thought I would be disappointed to have to give up some of my favorite brands, but I quickly discovered that Etsy is full of incredibly talented artists with the same kawaii aesthetic as many of the O.G. characters from Sanrio, San-X, and other brands. You can even find fan art that celebrates the things you love, like Animal Crossing or Hello Kitty, while supporting a small business online!

As we approach the holidays, I sincerely hope you will consider buying some of your stationery from these cute artists on Etsy instead of big chain stores like Target or Amazon. This time of year is usually one of the busiest for small business owners, but many of us are preparing for a less lucrative holiday season due to COVID-19. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, gifts for a loved one, or even a little something to treat yourself, thanks to Etsy, you can find almost anything you’re looking for for while still supporting a small business.

By the Paper Memories

Where: Toronto, CA

What: Matte and sparkly sticker sheets and flakes.

Why I Love It: By the Paper Memories’s tagline is “Spreading Happiness,” which they do with their kawaii sticker collection. I especially love the happy mail-themed sheets and their basics, including pastel and bubble-shaped letters and numbers.

My Pick: Heart Alphabet Stickers ($2.50)

Heart Alphabet Stickers image 1

The Kiwee Shop

Where: New York, USA

What: Matte and vinyl sticker sheets and flakes.

Why I Love It: The Kiwee Shop is based around the owner’s OC, Kiwee, who is an adorable floof with a plant sprouting from its head. I especially love their functional planner sticker sheets, which include everything you need for a weekly layout in your planner or bujo.

My Pick: PoofWee Planner & Journal Sticker Sheet ($3)

PoofWee Journal & Planner Sticker Sheet  Cute Stickers  image 0

Tamollimo Studios

Where: California, USA

What: Matte, vinyl, and foil sticker sheets, sticker flakes, art prints, and memos.

Why I Love It: Tamollimo Studios features kawaii cats in almost all of its pretty pastel designs. They have a wide variety of offerings, but my favorites are the themed sticker sheets they release for every season.

My Pick: Mental Health Matters Glossy Sticker Flake ($3)

Mental Health Matters Glossy Waterproof Sticker Flake image 0


Where: Louisiana, USA

What: Matte sticker sheets and flakes.

Why I Love It: Jankami’s sweet designs feature a fluffy bear design that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Their kawaii sticker flakes are especially popular on Etsy, as are their washi sticker sheets.

My Pick: Beary Bakery Cafe Sticker Flakes ($3.50)

Beary Bakery Cafe Sticker Flakes kawaii bear stickers for image 0

Yay! It’s Vica

Where: California, USA

What: Digital downloads, matte and holographic sticker sheets and flakes, art prints, and cards.

Why I Love It: Yay! It’s Vica is one of the cheeriest sticker shops on the web today. What makes this store unique are its digital downloads, which allow you to print and use your favorite stickers over and over again.

My Pick: Juicy Fruit Journal Kit ($5)

Juicy Fruit Bujo Stickers & Journal Kit  Kawaii Stickers  image 0


Where: Georgia, USA

What: Matte and vinyl sticker sheets and flakes, art prints, and handwritten fonts.

Why I Love It: BeeBaoBun has tons of kawaii designs inspired by everyone’s favorite quarantine game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The store’s other designs are equally adorable, including yummy motifs like boba and ramen.

My Pick: Usagi Plays Animal Crossing Print ($2)

Usagi Plays Animal Crossing / Animal Crossing Print / Sailor image 0

Kumo Shop

Where: Pennsylvania, USA

What: Matte and shiny sticker sheets and flakes.

Why I Love It: Kumo Shop’s Korean-inspired sticker designs all include kawaii teddy bears, reminding me of Milkjoy. The shop also carries oops bags with discounted misprints / miscuts of its signature sticker sheets.

My Pick: Bear Sticker Flakes ($3)

Bears Sticker Pack  Sticker Flakes  Journal Stickers  image 0


Where: California, USA

What: Matte and foil sticker sheets and handmade earrings.

Why I Love It: Studybeary is a small shop that’s still buiding its offerings, but what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality. Its designs include kawaii frogs, Animal Crossing-inspired motifs, and cute planets from outer space, alongside its signature bears.

My Pick: Coffee Time Studybeary Sticker Sheet ($2)

Coffeetime Studybeary Stickersheet image 0

Hoo Studio

Where: Texas, USA

What: Matte, vinyl, and glitter sticker sheets and flakes, acrylic charms, and polymer clay pins.

Why I Love It: In addition to its wide variety of offerings, Hoo Studio’s designs are cheery and colorful, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. My favorites are their matte sticker sheets, which are perfect for kawaii-ifying your life.

My Pick: Sticker Sheet Set ($6.50)

Glittery Sticker Sheet Set  Sparkly Picnic Pastel Sticker image 0

Where to Buy Cute Stationery on AliExpress

Before I started a side blog dedicated to my book and stationery finds, I made a little post titled “Where to Find Cute Stationery Online.” Fast forward and that post is now one of the most popular things I’ve written on my blog!

Since I wrote my original post, I’ve actually started shopping for most of my stationery on AliExpress. It’s a Chinese e-commerce platform that’s a little like Amazon, in that its owner is crazy-rich — and you can find just about anything on there. Unlike Amazon, however, it’s more like Etsy, in that users create their own storefronts to sell products at wholesale prices.

Shopping for stationery on AliExpress beats shopping for stationery in the U.S. hands-down, mainly because of the affordability. You can find many of the same items that are available on sites like Blippo Kawaii Shop at one-third of the price. There are also enormous shipping discounts. Of course, one of the downsides to shopping on AliExpress is that it takes forever for your orders to arrive — but when they do, it’s oh-so worth it.

Whether you are a bullet journaler, penpaler, or general stationery enthusiast, AliExpress needs to be on your radar. Specifically, these storefronts on AliExpress should be your first stop when it comes to shopping for stationery online.

Tips for Shopping on AliExpress

Initially, I was hesitant to spend my money on AliExpress. Because the products come so far, and often don’t have tracking numbers, I worried about never receiving my orders — or not receiving them before the shipping protection expired. I’d also heard horror stories about AliExpress customer service. However, I’ve since learned that shopping on AliExpress can be a positive experience, as long as you keep a few tips in mind:

  • Look at the store ratings. AliExpress gives each store a percent rating based on reviews of customer service, shipping, product descriptions (i.e. whether the product received is as expected), and other important qualifications. The higher the rating, the more likely you are to have a positive experience shopping at that store. For the best experience, I recommend shopping only at stores that have at least a rating of 90 percent.
  • Pay attention to the Buyer Protection period. Purchases on AliExpress come with Buyer Protection, which ensures a full refund within 15 days if you don’t receive your order within the time period specified by the seller. Furthermore, you can get a full refund if you return the product or a partial refund if you keep the product should the product you receive differ from what the seller described. However, Buyer Protection on AliExpress is not an indefinite thing. Like a warranty, it’s subject to expire — in this case, after 15 days. It’s important to make note of the day the Buyer Protection period expires, because if you miss your opportunity to report missing items by the date, you won’t be able to get your money back.
  • Know how to open a dispute. Unfortunately, opening a dispute on AliExpress is not as simple as it is on Amazon or other websites. If you have a complaint before or after the 15-day period after the product’s estimated arrival, your only option is to contact the seller directly. During the 15-day period, you can file a dispute ticket through AliExpress. However, you will participate in a formal dispute process first with the seller. If you aren’t satisfied with the seller’s response, you may then contact AliExpress — but if you miss the 15-day window and are dissatisfied with the seller’s response, you are, sadly, out of options. That’s why it’s so important to shop only from reputable sellers with good ratings and reputations for good customer service.
  • Read the fine print. Sometimes, pictures show a product at a price that’s too good to be true — and if it’s “too good to be true,” well, it probably isn’t. Always read the fine print, which can be weaponized against you in the dispute process if you don’t take note of it. A picture can have you expecting a set of twenty pens for $1, when the fine print states that you’ll only be receiving two. If you receive your two pens expecting 20 and decide to file a dispute, the merchant can refuse to grant you a refund or allow you to return the item, citing the description to show that you should have known what you were getting.

Best Stationery Stores on AliExpress


If you are plugged into the bullet journaling community on YouTube, you’ve probably already heard of JIANWU Store. It’s a favorite for its sleek, minimalist designs, fast shipping, and customer service.

Best for: Sticky notes and plain dot stickers.

Discounts: $1 off your purchase of $15, and free shipping at $15.

My pick: Color Combination Sticker Pack ($1.64)

Mohamm Store

Of all the stationery stores on AliExpress, Mohamm Store might be my favorite. My order from Mohamm Store arrived within three weeks, which was much faster than the anticipated window. It’s a great place to find stationery in general, but especially stationery from Korean brands.

Best for: Washi tape and Korean stickers.

Discounts: $1 off your purchase of $17.

My pick: Korean Bear Stickers ($0.98)

Pink Stationery Store

Pink Stationery Store is my pick for all the vintage-lovers out there. However, while most of their products evoke a vintage vibe, if you look closely, you’ll find some kawaii products, too. I even found Hello Kitty washi tape when scouring the selection here the other day!

Best for: Stamps, vintage paper, and ephemera.

Discounts: N/A.

My pick: Retro Antique Paper ($3.25)

Stationery Retail Store

If you are a pen addict, you will love Stationery Retail Store. They are the place to go if you are looking to replenish your collection of cute pens and pencils. Here, you can find amazing deals on mechanical pencils, erasable pens, and fountain pens. Stationery Retail Store also stocks some kawaii character items, too.

Best for: Pens, pencils, and kawaii stationery.

Discounts: N/A.

My pick: Cute Cherry Pens ($0.70)

House of Novelty

Last but not least, House of Novelty is an AliExpress favorite among the stationery community — especially if you are a fan of cute characters like Rilakkuma, Summiko Gurashi, and the Sanrio fam. They’re also one of the only destinations that’s still selling limited-edition items from the Japanese sakura season, which sparks a wave of cherry blossom-themed stationery every spring.

Best for: Character stationery, especially stickers.

Discounts: Free shipping at $30.

My pick: Corocoro Coronya Stickers ($1.02)

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Where to Buy Cute Stationery Online

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may receive a portion of the proceeds from any purchases you make through my blog. Thanks for supporting Lovely & Lazy!

Anyone who knows me knows that stationery is a passion of mine, right up there behind blogging and buying expensive coffees, only to leave the half-finished. (Think I’m kidding? Ask my boyfriend.)

They say to write what you know, so today, I’m writing about stationery — as in, where I buy it online. I’ll be sharing my favorite stores for buying online stationery, along with why I like them and what you can expect if you shop with them.

Because I’m just so gosh-darn excited to be writing about one of my favorite things, let’s get started!

Blippo Kawaii Shop

Blippo Kawaii Shop brings you the cutest stationery straight from Japan and Korea. In addition to stationery, they also sell other items like accessories, plushies and even Asian candy!

Pros: Blippo is super affordable — and even sends you a free kawaii gift with every purchase over $25. Shipping is always free; if you want order tracking, it costs only $2. They carry character-themed stationery (including Sanrio and Tsum-Tsum), if that’s your thing. If you can catch items while they’re still new, you can choose the style of product you want. There’s an option to get a stationery goodie bag for just $20, or even to subscribe to their monthly kawaii box.

Cons: The website shows you items that are out of stock, meaning you end up with a lot of FOMO. Many times, only one style of a product will be available (and it’s usually the less cute style), meaning you need to keep track of what’s new to get the latest stuff. When I paid $2 for shipping, I never received my tracking number; however, the $2 shipping is faster, so I still recommend it!

Recommended Product: Pudgy Hamsters 2020 Desk Calendar ($5)


Mochithings sells tools to help you get organized. From stationery to home decor, they will help you whip your life into shape until you barely recognize the girl you were a month ago.

Pros: The products are a bit more sophisticated than Blippo, if that’s your preferred style. Many of the products are designed with daily, weekly or monthly planning in mind, making them great to use with your agenda. There’s a huge selection, and products are almost always in stock.

Cons: Shipping is unfortunately very slow for me. (For reference, when I last ordered, I still lived in Boston.) You also must pay for shipping, and the costs of the products are not quite as affordable as other stores on this list. They carry some brands, like Nekoni, but don’t carry Sanrio, Tsum-Tsum or other characters in their store (though I highly recommend their brand Suatelier).

Recommended Product: Themed Mini Plan Memo Pad ($5, on sale)



Kawaiipenshop is an exclusively online store that sells only kawaii stationery, totes and backpacks. If you’re a fan of all things pink and cute, Kawaiipenshop is the store for you!

Pros: Compared to sites like Mochithings, Kawaiipenshop is much more affordable (it’s not as cheap as Blippo, but definitely the second cheapest option). All orders over $25 ship for free, too! As their name might suggest, they offer a lot of high-quality pens and markers, which some of the other sites are lacking in.

Cons: Their selection is sometimes limited; many items sell out quickly, and they don’t get new items as fast as other stores like Blippo and Mochithings. Some of the products are identical to those sold on Amazon, but given the price of shipping, Kawaiipenshop is usually a better place to buy!

Recommended Product:

Japanese PP Pen Case

Muji USA

I was first introduced to Muji back in Boston, at the store on Newbury Street. I like to call it Japanese IKEA because you can get almost anything there: from clothing, to home organization, to stationery.

Pros: You can get a 10% off coupon by signing up for their email list. A few of their products are also available on Amazon — so if you’re a Prime member, you can get free one- or two-day shipping on a limited number of their items. Muji sells high-quality stationery, including pens, that lasts a long time. Some items are pricier than others, but for the most part Muji is affordable.

Cons: Their notebooks, etc. are pretty plain in style, though they’re extremely high in quality. Many of them are made from recycled kraft paper, which is great for the planet, but a little boring for those of us who like our stationery cute and colorful. Their stationery can get pricey, depending on what you’re looking to buy — I try to stick to their pens and desk accessories, since their notebooks and paper products run on the expensive side.

Recommended Product: Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Set ($12)

Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm 12 Colors


Stickiiclub is the reason I no longer allow myself to buy stickers: for $10 a month, you get an adorable package of stickers sent straight to your mailbox. It’s the subscription box for stationery addicts!

Pros: Shipping is always $1, so your total subscription costs are $11 per month. Not only is that extremely affordable, but Stickiiclub does the work of shopping for you — and makes sure you’re getting the cutest new sticker trends. You can even choose from three styles: Cute, Retro and Pop. Or, if you want to buy some in the shop, you can do so for just $2.75 a sheet. Plus, you can easily sign up with my referral link by clicking here!

Cons: You don’t choose what goes into your sticker pack each month, which means you run the risk of getting a bunch of stickers you don’t like or won’t use. (In that case, I highly suggest you send them to me — LOL!) However, they do give you the option to skip your pack — and they post spoilers each month so you can see if you like them. In order to get free shipping in the shop, you need to spend over $85, which while highly possible, isn’t necessary feasible.

Recommended Product: Cute Pack ($11 per month, including shipping)

Wonton in a Million

What do you get when you combine cute Chinese foods with stationery? Wonton in a Million’s cute designs! Wonton in a Million sells stickers, Washi tapes and more in their online shop.

Pros: Shipping is affordable, at $1.50 for flat items and $3 for non-flat items within the United States. They have a wide variety of products, including stickers, Washi tape, digital printables, sticky notes and more. You can even buy Washi sample cards if you want to try before you buy the larger rolls. The founder is the daughter of a family that owns a Chinese restaurant, meaning you’re supporting an Asian woman’s small business when you shop from Wonton in a Million. Plus, they recently became available in Michael’s stores, making them even easier to find online and off!

Cons: Only single sheets are available online, and they’re $2.50 each — meaning their stickers are fairly expensive. However, at Michael’s, you can get a large themed pack for $5, which helps cut the cost! Still, they can be difficult to track down outside of the online store. Shipping takes 3-7 business days, meaning it can be a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to whether they’ll come quickly or not.

Recommended Product: You’re The Boba To My Tea Vertical Layout Sticker Kit ($15)

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