My Favorite Natural Skincare Products

As I continue along my endo journey, it’s become more and more important to me to pay attention to what I put on and in my body — especially my skin.

In case you didn’t know, your skin is the most porous surface on your body, meaning it absorbs 60% of what you put on it. Unfortunately, that includes toxic chemicals like parabens and sulfates. Over time, exposure to these types of chemicals can take a toll on your health, potentially worsening symptoms of chronic illnesses like mine.

Since working at a natural beauty magazine over the summer, I’ve learned a lot about what the terms “organic” and “natural” truly mean. This has served me well as my endo journey has made me more and more conscious about what I put on my body. Today, I’m sharing this knowledge with you to help you make more educated decisions about the skincare you use every day.

Read on to discover some of my favorite cleansers, skin treatments and moisturizers free of harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfates. Please note that these products may not be free of every potentially harmful chemical under the sun, but they’re all healthier alternatives to the conventional skincare products you might be using right now.


Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Water is a lightweight micellar water treatment that cleanses skin of water-based and oil-based impurities alike. The micelles bond to oil, gently cleansing without stripping your face of its natural moisture. Get it for $5 on Amazon.

Pacifica Beauty Kale Detox Cleanser is the kale of cleansers: this deep-cleansing wash detoxes skin with its super-ingredients, including clay, coconut water and greens. Get it for $5 at Target.

Skin Treatments

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum is jam-packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties for the skin. This super serum also contains vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, konjac root, clary sage and chamomile extract for a sweet-smelling, soothing formula. Get it for $34 from Mad Hippie.

Ama Sea Beauty Sea Mist Mineral Toner offers a refreshing spritz made from natural sea minerals, including seaweed extract. The brand’s philosophy is based off the ancient French practice of thalassotherapy, or using the power of the sea to soothe and refresh skin. Get it for $54 from Walmart.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty is formulated with Kaolin clay and peppermint oil to cleanse and detox pores with a tingly touch. Ground aduki beans exfoliate dead and flaky skin, making this mask the perfect two-in-one exfoliant. Get it for $15 from Lush.


HoneyGirl Organics Extra Sensitive Face and Eye Cream blends ingredients including organic beeswax, organic honey and organic extra virgin olive oil for a richly moisturizing formula that won’t irritate skin. Get it for $35 from Honey Girl Organics.

NOW Foods Balance Facial Oil offers an inexpensive, natural solution for moisturizing skin. You might think that putting oil on your face would be counter-intuitive, but this face oil is the perfect choice for balancing combination skin. Get it for $10 on iHerb.