50 Black-Owned Beauty and Wellness Brands to Support

I know that this post is definitely overdue — but I figure it’s better late than never! Supporting Black-owned brands has never been more important.

Now more than ever, it’s essential to put our support behind the Black community. But signing petitions and attending protests isn’t enough on its own. We need to put our money where our mouth is.

That means pulling our support from brands like Anthropologie and ban.do that have been accused of racist employee cultures, yes — but also finding new places to spend our money that benefit the Black community. And besides: who ever suffered by having another excuse to shop?

These 50 Black-owned brands sell everything from body care to supplements to natral fragrances to help you look and feel your best. Read on to discover your new favorite brand, with the added bonus of benefitting the Black community!

1. Essentials by Temi (Body Care)


My pick: Mint and Honey Butter Scrub ($42)

2. Pear Nova (Nail Polish)

My pick: Sip, Sip….Sanctuary ($12)

3. Kitsugi Candle Co. (Candles)


My pick: Heroine ($24)

4. Movita Organics (Wellness)


My pick: Multivitamin Pouch ($30)

5. Naturall Club (Haircare)

My pick: Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner ($10)

6. Golde (Beauty and Wellness)

My pick: Cacao Turmeric Latte Blend ($29)

7. Aya Paper Co. (Stationery and Gifts)

My pick: Intention Journal ($20)

8. The Honey Pot Co. (Vaginal Wellness)

Soothing Lavender Vulva Cream

My pick: Soothing Lavender Vulva Cream ($11)

9. Beauty Bakerie (Makeup)

Milk & Honey Highlighting Palette

My pick: Milk and Honey Highlighting Palette ($38)

10. Babes (Clothing and Gifts)

My pick: The Woman Mug ($15)

11. Galerie L.A. (Clothing and Beauty)

Noyah Lip Gloss Summertime Peach

My pick: Noyah Lip Gloss in Summertime Peach ($16)

12. Rituals and Ceremony (Wellness)

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 4.52.27 AM.png

My pick: CBD Menstrual Cramp Roller ($55)

13. Under the Sunlight (Stationery)

Sunshine Postcards

My pick: Sunshine Postcards ($13)

14. Pur Home (Cleaning)

My pick: All-in-One Cleaning Concentrate ($29)

15. Actually Curious (Journal Cards)


My pick: Actually Curious Bundle ($45)

16. Partake Foods (Allergy-Friendly Snacks)

partake chocolate chip cookies

My pick: Chocolate Chip Cookies ($30)

17. BLK + GRN (Skincare)

My pick: Papaya Rose Hydrating Mist ($22)

18. Juvia’s Place (Makeup)

My pick: The Nudes Palette ($14)

19. Ruby Love (Period Underwear)

Period Swimwear Off Shoulder Ruffle (Burnt Sun)

My pick: Period Swimwear Off-the-Shoulder in Burnt Sun ($90)

20. Gilded Body (Body Care)

The Marble Body Brush™

My pick: The Marble Body Brush ($88)

21. The Lip Bar (Makeup)

My pick: Liquid Matte in Man Eater ($9)

22. Brown Girl Jane (Wellness)

GLOW Luminous Facial Serum

My pick: Glow Luminous Facial Serum ($58)

23. Brooke Blaze (Body Care and Wellness)

My pick: Body Oil in Crown ($24)

24. Flowers and Moondust (Beauty and Wellness)

NEW! Skin Glow Elixir

My pick: Skin Glow Elixir ($26)

25. Alexandra Winbush (Tea and Candles)

Spiced Apple Chai

My pick: Spiced Apple Chai Tea ($14)

26. Alchemy Body Shop (Body Care)


My pick: The Balm ($25)

27. Homebody (Wellness)

PRE ORDER The Future Is Green: Superfood Blend  |  (Ships Beginning of August)

My pick: The Future is Green Superfood Blend ($14)

28. Alter Planning Co. (Stationery)

The Dailies: 30 Day Planner (Undated)

My pick: The Dailies 30-Day Planner ($10)

29. Goodnight Darling Co. (Body Care and Fragrance)

Goodnight Darling Co. Starter Set.

My pick: Goodnight Darling Co. Starter Kit ($75)

30. 54 Thrones (Skincare)

 KAHINA: Lava Cleansing Mask

My pick: Kahina Lava Cleansing Mask ($46)

31. blade + bloom (Body Care and Fragrance)

aromatherapy fragrance oil / glow getter

My pick: Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil in Glow Getter ($18)

32. Brown and Coconut (Skincare and Body Care)

Brown and Coconut Brightening Face Polish with green leaf and white wash cloth in background

My pick: Brightening Face Polish ($19)

33. Chloe and Chad (Skincare, Body Care, and Fragrance)


My pick: That Glow Face Mask ($18)

34. conditionHER (Vaginal Wellness)

My pick: conditionHER ($30)

35. Dehiya Beauty (Skincare and Beauty)

Dehiya Beauty Lip and Cheek Tint Swatch Medium Skin Tone

My pick: Lip and Cheek Tint in Dreamer ($38)

36. eLo Lipcare (Lip Care and Aromatherapy)


My pick: eLo Nude in Pineapple and White Jasmine ($14)

37. Glow Candle Bar (Candles)


My pick: Strawberry Champagne ($20)

38. Jade and Fox (Body Care)


My pick: Lust Oil ($16)

39. Jones and Rose (Body Care and Fragrance)

My pick: Georgia Peach Sweet Oil ($28)

40. La Botica NYC (Loungewear and Candles)


My pick: Barcelona Candle ($55)

41. Liberate Botanica (Body Care and Wellness)

My pick: Floral Smudge Stick ($17)

42. London Ivy (Skincare, Haircare, and Fragrance)

My pick: Coffee + Cacao Revitalizing Face Polish and Mask ($28)

43. Nectrous Botanicals (Skincare)

GLOW BAR - Nectrous

My pick: Glow Bar ($12)

44. Zen and Boujee (Body Care and Wellness)

My pick: Baddie Glow ($68)

45. Pretty Well Beauty (Beauty)

My pick: Luxury Lip Tint in Bare ($21)

46. PurpL and Prosper (Skincare)


My pick: Healing Crystal Toner ($19)

47. Rooted Woman (Nail Polish)

My pick: Freedom ($15)

48. Sade Baron (Body Care)

Lavender Soap

My pick: Summer Lavender Bar Soap ($14)

49. Temple Zen (Skincare and Body Care)

Papaya Leaf Clay Mask

My pick: Papaya Leaf Clay Mask ($15)

50. The Whistling Thorn (Skincare and Fragrance)

My pick: Seitho ($76)

The Ultimate List of Endometriosis Resources

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may receive a portion of any purchases made on my blog. Thank you for supporting Endo Strong!

When I first began to consider endometriosis as the root cause of my long-standing symptoms, I didn’t know where to turn — other than the Internet! It’s thanks to the wonders of modern technology that I was connected to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Endometriosis & Chronic Pelvic Pain, and that I was able to discern that the period pain I’d experienced for years wasn’t normal, after all.

But one thing I wish I’d had that I didn’t was a list of resources to help me manage my endometriosis better at home. Everywhere I turned, I read the same advice: use a heating pad. Avoid dairy and gluten. Take some vitamins. But really, I was looking for more. I wanted to know everything there was to know about managing my endometriosis.

Now that I know more about my disease, and about how to manage it at home, I’ve decided to put together the ultimate list of resources — the list I wish I had when I first heard the word “endometriosis” — to help you learn everything there is to know about endo and take care of your body amid its pain and suffering.

Required Reading

Apps to Download

  • In the FLO is the paid period-tracking app to accompany WomanCode and Alisa Vitti’s cycle-syncing method. The app lets you log your symptoms and provides recommendations for controlling them naturally.
  • Flutter is a must-have for anyone with endo! In Flutter, you can log your symptoms in detail (the app is geared specially toward endometriosis sufferers), as well as your diet, exercise and sexual activity, and export them to a printable format to bring to your doctor’s office.
  • Clue is another period-tracking app I love. It learns from the symptoms you log to predict exactly when they will arrive, giving you a heads up via notification when you might be in for some extra pelvic pain or GI discomfort.


Vitamins & Supplements

  • Magnesium may prevent period pain and premenstrual syndrome. I take Nature Made Magnesium every day.
  • B vitamins are used in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and may improve focus and concentration if fatigue is a primary symptom for you. I take Nature Made B-Complex every day.
    • Evidence: Study (small sample size)
  • Dong quai is an herb used to treat heavy periods in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has anti-inflammatory effects and has been used to treat dysmenorrhea. I like Moody Bird from HUM Nutrition, which combines dong quai with chaste berry, another traditional herb used to treat endometriosis.
  • Clary sage essential oil can relieve period cramps when rubbed into the pubic bone (mix with a carrier oil, like coconut, before applying to skin!)

Sexual Health Products

  • Slippery Stuff is my favorite lubricant. It is both paraben- and glycerin-free, helping reduce irritation and pain during sex.
  • Skyn Condoms are spermicide-free and non-latex, reducing the potential for irritation during sex. If you’re not in a long-term monogamous relationship, they’re a must for preventing the spread of STIs!
  • Zestra can improve low libido when applied to the clitoris 30 minutes prior to sex. The oil enhances sensation and blood flow to the clitoris.
  • Vitamin E oil reduces vaginal irritation when applied twice a day for at least two months, according to Amy Stein, author of Heal Pelvic Pain.

Wellness Products

  • Put an End to Your Endometriosis is an audio master class with Alisa Vitti, author of WomanCode, geared specially toward those of us with endo. Click here to purchase and download.
  • BKR makes glass water bottles that are both chic and functional. Switching to glass reduces your exposure to BPA, which has been linked to endometriosis and its symptoms. Click here to purchase the exact model I have.
  • Anthropologie’s Travel Yoga Mat folds up small enough to fit in almost any tote or suitcase, and is perfect for performing pelvic floor exercises on-the-go. Click here to purchase.
  • Yogi Tea’s Woman’s Raspberry Leaf contains pure raspberry leaf, an herbal remedy thought to ease the pain of menstruation and soothe the uterus. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

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